The Strangest (and Coolest) Gadgets for Virtual Reality

Virtual reality headsets and controllers are blasting the consumer market. In conjunction, all sorts of gadgets and devices are being created to enhance user experience within the virtual realm. Here are the zaniest and most innovative VR gadgets out there.

Kat Walk

For all you avid gamers, Kat Walk is a dream come true. Kat Walk is a 'multi-directional treadmill' utilized for virtual reality headgear/devices. Allow yourself to be completely immersed in your first person shooter games in virtual reality while you're actually running, walking and jumping. A light strap around the waste allows you to be flexibly constrained to allow for the most amount of movement possible, without accidentally exiting Kat Walk. Getting a work out while playing video games? Wii dreamt it, Kat Walk is achieving it. Shipping estimated to be available April 2016.

The Virtualizer

With any amazing product, there will always be copycats that come out and try to one-up and take a piece of the market pie. Call us crazy, but we're about 99% sure the Kat Walk came before The Virtualizer, and Kat Walk still seems like a better product. Kat Walk is out of Japan, while The Virtualizer is European-based. Same idea, but looks a little more constrictive as it's a plastic band that wraps around you as opposed to a fabric one. Either way, still looks like a fun way to experience gaming. Shipping estimated end of 2015.


It's a bird! It's a plane!'s you...flying? The breeze on your face, the reaction of wind to the lift and flap of your wing, the birds who fly along side if you; Birdly makes your best dreams a stark reality. Well, stark virtual reality. This cool mechanism takes your vertical body and puts you horizontal, arms spread like wings, fan blowing on your face and headset taking you on a soaring adventure. We haven't tried it, but we know folks who have and everyone raves about this experience. If you're ever near the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC, drop in and suit up for your first simulated bird flight!


For those of you who don't want a workout when playing VR, VRGO is for you. Don't let a traditional chair ruin your virtual experience. The makers of VRGO have created a no-brainer when it games to gaming in VR: the ultimate swivel chair that responds to your movement when you're immersed in your Rift or Gear VR. Don't let a traditional chair ruin your virtual experience. If you're into this idea, feel free to back them on Kickstarter (if you contribute $230 or more you get your own VRGO chair!).

The Manus

The Manus is a pair of gaming gloves which detects (and displays) your hands in virtual reality. These gloves display in your VR game and respond in different ways per a variety of hand motions. The demo they show for this product is sub-par in terms of gaming capabilities, but the technology is limitless as VR advances forward. Estimated shipping is Q4 2015, and we are quickly closing in on the end of that. We'll keep you posted as they update shipping expectations.



Virtual reality doesn't have to feel virtual. Project Impacto has created a device which attaches to your arms, legs and hands and allows you to feel the impact of the games you're playing (in a non-painful way, of course). Utilizing solenoid and EMP, a player can feel when he punches, kicks or makes a connect with a ball via bat or foot. Impacto works well with boxing, soccer, baseball and kickboxing games.  Unfortunately, it's in the early beta stages and not available for pre-order or purchase, but it's cool to know the technology is in development and making it's way to you ASAP.

Tesla Suit

This article wouldn't be complete without mentioning the Tesla Suit. This amazing piece of technology is bound to make an impact in gaming, architecture, medicine and beyond! We could fill you in on all of the amazing functions of the suit - climate control, motion capture and more - but you sure really just nerd out an learn about the Tesla Suit in full detail. Again, not available to the general public but once it is, virtual reality will never be the same.