Big Foot Stomps His Way to the World of VR

A bickering couple clumsily make their way through the snowy woods in search of their yurt and are lost, tired and concerned for their safety. Suddenly, they hear a large creature charging toward them! It's a bear, it's an elk, nope - it's BIGFOOT. But he isn't just a creature - he is a large man covered in hair who speaks in a British dialect. See how the couple help Bigfoot get home back to the future in A Big Encounter, virtual realities first glimpse at a character of unusual size. 

big foot in vr

A Big Encounter is a creation of Mochi Mochi Media, a Boise-based production company. Mochi Mochi Media embarked on their first 'encounter' with 360° video and managed to come out with a fantastical story worthy of seeing in the full scope. Made up of Danish Ishaq (RealizeVision) and Janessa White (VR Dribble), the two have come together, using their respective backgrounds in film and theater, to create stories that delicately merge the two mediums. 

A Big Encounter is set in the deep mountains of Cascade, Idaho, adding to the real feel of immersion and the loveliness of a true winter setting, meant to give the viewer the full feeling of being in the snowy woods. 

Ishaq and White used theatrical devices to tell the story: detailed and grand costume design, stage hands being used to drive the plot along, immersive settings and a deep sense of magical realism. They worked hard to give the viewer something to enjoy in the 360° realm at all times - from someone eating snow because they're thirsty, to the trees blowing in the wind, to the main action. They don't require or even demand the viewer to stay focused on the dialogue, working hard to make it an easy-to-track but fun and engaging story.

The theme song sets the tone of the story much as a 1970's sitcom opening song does. It tells the back story of Big Foot, how global warming did occur and the world became a ball of ice, only a small number of human's surviving. This small band of humans came to be what we now know as Big Foot. This particular Big Foot on this particular day accidentally stumbled across a Hot Spring Time Machine, and that's where we pick up our story. The song is written and produced by Mark Doubleday and performed by Adam Stip, the lead singer of indie-band Hollow Wood